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Health and Safety Concerns

I am so excited to be able to offer sessions again.  In order to do my part I
will be running a $5,000 hepa-filtration system that removes viruses and is medical grade.  The studio will be completely cleaned and disinfected between shoots and all props used will be disinfected and/or washed and/or dry-cleaned.  Please do not arrive early for your shoot EVEN IF YOU SEE PEOPLE BEFORE YOU LEAVE as I need time to do a thorough clean up.  As possible, sessions will be spaced out (one a day maximum when possible or hours apart otherwise).

All clients MUST be completely healthy to their knowledge and be showing NO symptoms of anything whatsoever.  I apologize but even if you have allergies or you just look sick and you aren't or you have "something else" you will need to re-book.  I hope everyone understands why this is absolutely critical and there can be NO EXCEPTIONS.  I am not a doctor but if there is any chance of anything I reserve the right to terminate the shoot and please know that I won't be shy about doing this (which should make people happy).

As always, retainer fees are non refundable, this is a fee to reserve your spot and for me to make sure that people show up for their appointments as scheduled.  Of course, if you do need to switch dates and you provide me with enough notice to realistically be able to re-book someone else into your spot, I can usually accommodate that. 


Questions Related to Payment?
Most sessions require a nonrefundable and non-transferable retainer upon booking to save your spot and then any outstanding balance is due in full at time of the session.  Photos will not be edited or released until payment has been received in full.  I accept Cash and Email Money Transfers.  Retainers are only refundable if I have to cancel or reschedule your shoot or for instances of extreme weather during outdoor shoots.  They are not refundable for mild weather, client illness or injury, traffic, changing your mind, changes in the clients schedule, etc.


Do You Have a Studio?

Yes I have a fully equipped in-home studio with hardwood floors, large windows and lots of natural light.  I have multiple backdrops and a storage room filled with bins and bins of props for every occasion.  There is plenty of free parking and I am conveniently located a 2 min drive away from Masonville Mall in London, Ontario.


Do you take Photos on Location?
Yes and I absolutely love taking photos in different areas and/or sharing my secret favorite locations around town for photos with my clients.  If you know where you want your photos done let me know otherwise I will find the perfect location for photos you will treasure. 

My equipment, props and backdrops are all very portable and I am happy to help you optimize your location with the best features and lighting.

How Long Will My Session Take?
I do photo sessions anywhere from 15-minute mini sessions to all day event photography for birthdays parties and weddings.  The amount of time for your session will depend on the type of appointment you book factors such as the age(s) and number of people being photographed as well as whether there will be outfit/background or prop changes required or feedings in the case of newborns and babies.  My pricing page has session length for most package as well.


How Many Images will I get?

The number of edited images for your session will depend on the session you book but I will be clear about the minimum you will get at booking. Photography really is my true passion and one thing that often sets me apart as a photographer is the large number of edited images I give in comparison with other photographers.  I hate seeing a great photo not being treasured by the person it was meant for.  if your package includes a certain number of photos you will always have the option to purchase more.

Please note that like almost all professional photographers I do not offer my unedited images.


Availability for Photography Sessions?
I try hard to work around my client's busy schedules and I conveniently offer appointments on weekdays and weekends depending on what the shoot requires.  After you provide me with your availability I will send you some appointment days and times to choose from. 

Will My Image be Posted Online?
Yes, I do post examples of all my work online so I can show people what I offer and my style of photography.  All my posted prices include a $250 discount for allowing me to post photos online as part of my portfolio to gain other clients.  I know that there are all sorts of reasons people don't want images posted and if this is the case for you just let me know before the shoot please and I will make sure none are posted.  Please add $250 to any posted prices you see if forfeiting the associated discount.  Please note there of course is NO fee in cases of foster children/adoption, etc.


What Do I Need to Bring?
Really you only need to bring yourself!  However, small details like trimming the kids nails and making sure they are clean (old nail polished removed) can really make a difference as does trying to select clothes or accessories (e.g. headbands) that do not need to be constantly adjusted.  I generally think that shoes look better than socks.


If you have a special heirloom or prop(s) that you would like me to incorporate please bring them!!  I would love to do that for you otherwise have fun looking through my bins and bins of props.  I often have so many that countless items have tags still and haven’t even been used yet.  The majority of the props that you see in my gallery photographs were provided by me.  Whether I come to you or you come to my studio, I have tons of back drops, fuzzy rugs, hats, headbands, and bonnets, baskets and crates for sitting, small chairs, blankets and baby wraps, etc.  If there is a prop or idea that you have in mind, let me know and I will do my best to find it or something similar for you. 

How Long Will it Take to Receive My Photos and How do I Develop Them?
For most mini session I will let you know the timeline in your info message before the shoot.  Most average close to a week.  Otherwise, I will have your digital photos fully edited and available to be picked up or mailed to you 10 business days after your shoot.  Times for canvases and prints will depend on the printer’s availability at the time but I will let you know at the time of ordering.  Any digital photos you receive can be printed online or at stores offering photo services. 


Do you keep Copies of my Photos After my Shoot?

I keep all photos on file for a minimum of 12 months following a session. From time to time I may use your photos for advertising purposes, if you would not like your photos used, please let me know.

What happens if I lose my photos in the future?
Please immediately back up and save your files in multiple places.  I have heard way too many horror stories so PLEASE BACK UP YOUR FILES.  I do try and keep my client files indefinitely but cannot make any guarantees.  I can gladly resend your photos for free up to 4 months after your shoot (if you have your list of file numbers that you had chosen) but for instances where clients have lost photos and need them to be resent (after the 4 month mark) it is a $25 fee for photo resend requests 4-12 months after your original shoot and a $50 fee if it has been more than a year since your files were originally sent.  This entire fee is donated to Hayden's Hope to help families with children with cancer in memory of my late client Hayden Foulon.


Questions about Editing and Photo Shopping

I am a professionally trained photographer and fully edit each and every shot to ensure it is perfect and highly polished for you.  


I am highly skilled with Photoshop and run a Photoshop business as well.  I can edit photos hundreds of years old and ripped in pieces to digital ones that are brand new.  I have done everything from small jobs like removing scars, acne, red eye, to opening closed eyes, adding/removing people or cars, removing strangers or photo bombers.  For samples of some projects big and small I have done please click here.


Newborn Photography Sessions

I am a mother of three and have loads of experience with babies and children (including those with special needs) and with photographing them.  I am very patient and understanding will do everything I can to make your photo session enjoyable for everyone.  Babies need lots of feedings, I’ve been peed on at nearly every session – there is nothing to stress about.  You are going to be SO glad that you captured your little one before the moment passed!


Here are some tips for your newborn session:

  • Get in touch with me right before/or as soon as when the baby is born so we can arrange a time for your session.  Ideally, you want to book your session as soon after birth as possible as 2-7 days is often the perfect window for newborn photos as babies are still sleepy, curled up and have that “brand new” newborn look).  Although, if you can’t make it in the first week don’t let that deter you.  I can still get amazing photos at any age and there are different benefits to slightly older babies as well.

  • Please do your best to feed your baby before you come.  As expected, most newborn sessions are “interrupted” by frequent feedings so that isn’t a problem but arriving with a full belly helps allow me to start taking photos right away and then you can use the feeding time as a break/time to change props.  The majority of the pictures will work best if the baby is asleep so anything you can do in advance to help is welcomed.

  • If the photos are just going to be of the baby then try and just have one parent and the child come ideally.  Spouses and siblings are ALWAYS welcome but it can be distracting and it's more people to think about vs. focusing just on the baby.


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